Orange Bar – 6 meals

960.00 ден

1 box contains 6 meals
Orange Bar.
Composition: Milk proteins and partially hydrolyzed milk isolator, dark coating (hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm), sugar, cocoa with reduced fat in powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla aroma), polydextrose, fructose (glucose, sugar, preservatives: E202 and E220, acid regulators E330) (contains: sulphites), palm oil, concentrated orange juice, glucose syrup, , aromas, L-methionine, antioxidants: ascorbic acid and rosemary extract and tocopherols (with holding: soya), colors: curcumin and cochineal red A and azorubin, preservatives: potassium sorbate, acid regulators: citric acid, sweeteners: potassium acesulfame.
Contains: milk, soybeans, sulphites. It may contain traces of nuts, gluten (wheat), egg, fish, sesame, lupine.
Allergens: Milk (lactose) (milk proteins), soya (dark coating (soy lecithin) antioxidant (tocopherol)), sulphites at concentrations greater than 1 mg / kg (orange peel in cubes). Energy values ​​of 45gr: 662kJ, 159kcal, fat 5.4g (saturated fats 4.2g), carbohydrates 9.5g, sugars 5.9g, polyols 3.4g, fiber 8.7g, proteins 15gr, salt 0.6g. Store at 20 ° C, in a dry place and away from heat. Weight: 45gr.

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