Banana split – 9 meals

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1 box contains 9 meals
Banana split.
Ingredients: Milk proteins (emulsifier: lecithin), chocolate flakes (sucrose, cocoa mass and butter, emulsifier: lecithin (soy), glaze: E904, natural vanilla aroma) (7%), thickeners: (C, B3, E, B5, B6, B1, B2, A, B9, B8, and B12), maltodextrin, potassium phosphate, potassium phosphate, , colors: beta-carotene, sweeteners: potassium acesulfame and sucralose, acidity regulator: sodium citrate.
Contains: Milk, soybeans.
Allergens: milk (lactose) (milk proteins), soya (chocolate flakes (soya: lecithin)).
Method of use: Add a 25 g powder in 150 ml of water and stir until the mixture is smooth. Leave it a few minutes to rehydrate. It is consumed after rehydration. Energy values ​​of 25g: 385kJ, 91kcal, fat 0.8g (saturated fat 0.4g), carbohydrates 2.5g, sugars 1.7g, fiber 1g, protein 18g, salt 0.4g. Store in a cool and dry place.
 Weight: 25 gr.

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