NuMe – Slim Food

NuMe Slim Shakes, Slim Soup and Slim Bar with Collagen are an innovative food and beauty solution designed specifically to help you cope with obesity, developed by a doctor, personal trainer and nutritionist.

It is designed for a modern woman who strives for a full transformation of her life.
It contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for your body to reduce your body weight in a healthy way and can be used as the only food source in a very low calorie diet (<800 calories).
Daily menu of 6 smaller meals helps to adapt to a completely new diet and reduces your stomach, so NuMe Slim Collag foods will completely change your eating habits.

The added collagen increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin during the diet, to prevent its aging.

Every time you decide to return to a traditional diet, you will realize that it is easier for you to reduce your meals and maintain a healthy weight.

With high nutritional values, low calorie intake, no added sugars, and enough protein to help you maintain muscle mass, NuMe Slim Food with Collagen can replace all day meals by opening the way to NEW – weaker, healthier and happier – YOU!

NuMe Slim Boost

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