The NuMe diet plan is one of the most effective and clinically proven nutrition plan consisting of 6 NuMe meals a day, ALL IN ONE, Slim Shakes, Soup and Bar with Collagen as the only source of food in this very low calorie diet (Very Low Calorie Diet VLCD & lt; 800kcal).

Average weight loss is 1.5 – 3 kg per week, with maintenance of muscle mass.

VLCD provides all users of this nutrition plan guaranteed to import 100% vitamins, minerals and nutritional values ​​needed by your body in daily diet, with minimum calories.
Additionally, the NuMe nutritional plan is enriched with NuMe Slim Boost soft caramel with a taste of strawberry containing glucomagnes.

It continues the feeling of satiety and reduces appetite.
It is designed so that with its irresistible taste of strawberry it reduces your cravings for candy whenever you need help to stay disciplined.

NuMe products also contain a modern multifunctional jar, with a mixing bowl, in which NuMe Slim shakes and soup become creamy and delicious meals.

All meals are packaged in environmentally friendly, modern and multifunctional suitcases designed by one and only Karim Rashid.

Your NuMe journey is supported by a special NuMe Body Guide (NBG) plan that offers you a complete program for your long-term lifestyle transformation with: NBG exercise plan, coaching plan and motivation plan that will help you discover diamond in you.

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